AMA (WA) highlights the impact of drunk driving in powerful new advert

AMA (WA) highlights the impact of drunk driving in powerful new advert

Tuesday 8 November 2016


AMA (WA) President Dr Andrew Miller has recently taken part in a new campaign urging West Australians not to drink and drive.


“We thank Channel 9, the Road Safety Commission and the State Government for their involvement in this campaign,” Dr Miller said today.


“It’s an important message that every West Australian needs to hear.


“In a few years we will look back at the hundreds of road related deaths in the State with amazement.


“At the end of October 2016 there were 154 road fatalities for the year. At the same point last year 131 people had died on our roads.


“In regional WA there were 83 people killed as a result of 73 crashes – 36 of these fatalities were killed in crashes where alcohol was suspected to be a contributing factor.


“The figures are staggering, and come despite safer cars, safer roads and better training.


“This is something we can fix – and something we must fix.


“Channel 9 will be running the attached ad over the coming summer period. I am proud to have taken part and to have contributed to it in a very small way.


“I look forward to any comments you might have about the advertisement, its sentiment and what can be done to fix one of our biggest but most neglected areas,” he said.


The ad can be viewed below:


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