Medical Students

The Australian Medical Association (WA) works closely with medical students undertaking undergraduate and graduate medical courses at both the University of Western Australia and the University of Notre Dame. Students enrolled in medical studies at these Universities are recognised as student members of the Association, which is the professional organisation for doctors.


The AMA (WA) also works with and supports both WAMSS (UWA – Western Australian Medical Students’ Society) and MSAND (UND – Medical Student Association Notre Dame) student bodies in the development of various initiatives during the year.


Both WAMSS and MSAND Presidents are coopted onto AMA (WA) Council each year and also have the opportunity to be involved in the Doctors In Training (DIT) Committee. Many medical students are also involved in the Dr YES program and other public health programs coordinated through the AMA (WA).


Membership to AMA (WA) is free for Western Australian medical students. If you are a medical student and would like to find out more contact our Membership department on (08) 9273 3055 or


2015 Intern Application Seminar


A seminar regarding the 2015 Intern Application Process was held in April 2014 for Final Year Medical Students.


View the Information Booklet.


Rural Medical Practice


What is the Rural Practice Pathway?


The Rural Practice Pathway (RPP) aims to provide young doctors with better access to training in rural and remote areas.


The RPP Working Group, of which AMA (WA) is a member, aim to facilitate the career development of doctors wishing to train and work in rural areas in WA. The RPP currently includes intern and RMO positions accredited by the PMCWA as well as Registrar training positions accredited by the specialty colleges.


More information on the RPP


‘Choose Country’ is an RPP publication aimed at giving junior doctors more information on working in rural medicine. Below are links to past editions of Choose Country.


Summer 2014

Autumn 2014


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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"I joined the AMA for all the advocacy work that is done. It is great to be part of an organisation that supports and assists doctors in training in many aspects of their work."
Dr Sarah Strathie Page
Dr Sarah Strathie Page
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