DIT Committee

The DiT committee is a group of AMA (WA) members from Intern level through to Senior Registrar level who meet on a monthly basis. The AMA (WA) DiT Committee Co-Chairs are co-opted members of the AMA (WA) Council, which is the governing body of the AMA (WA).


Through the AMA (WA) Doctors in Training Committee, issues that influence the lives and careers of junior doctors are constantly examined and responded to, and the AMA (WA) campaigns to ensure that standards across all aspects of a junior doctor’s working life are maintained and improved.


The Committee also provides input into Federal DIT issues through its participation in the federal AMA’s Council of Doctors in Training (AMACDT). The DiT Committee represents you, to State and Federal Government, Medical Colleges, health workforce committees and many other bodies. Current issues under discussion include:


  • Access to Leave Entitlements
  • Member Engagement
  • Centralised RMO Recruitment
  • Part Time/Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Research Opportunities 



If you would like to contact any member of the DIT committee please email Mary Waldron, or phone the AMA on 08 9273 3000 and you will be put into contact with the relevant committee member.


Committee Meetings


The DIT Committee Meetings are open to any DIT who is a member of the Association. Unless otherwise arranged, these meetings will take place at the AMA (WA) Council Rooms and commence at 6.00pm and conclude at 8.00pm if not before.


Committee Members


Internal Committees

Co-Chairs: Dr Chris Wilson / Dr Michael Page
AMA CDT Rep: Dr Chris Wilson / Dr Michael Page
AMA (WA) Council Rep: Dr Chris Wilson / Dr Michael Page
DiT Welfare Subcommittee Dr Ros Forward / Dr Sarah Newman

External Committees

PMCWA Executive: Dr Melita Cirillo
PMCWA Accreditation: Dr Maya Calvert
PMCWA Education: Dr James Triplett
PMCWA JMO Forum: Dr Chris Wilson /Dr Michael Page
WAMSS: Daniel Doretvich
MSAND: Sid Narula

Hospital Representatives

RPH Representative: Dr Talia Hammond
SCGH Representative: Dr Rebecca Wood
Fiona Stanley Hospital Representative: Dr Jason Laurens
PMH Representative: Dr Kaitlin McGinnis
KEMH Representative: Dr Rikki Warren
Joondalup Representative: Dr Sarah Devereux
AMA (WA) Secretariat: Mary Waldron
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Dr Sarah Strathie Page
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