Doctors Warned on Vaccinations with CSL branded ‘Fluvax’

Doctors Warned on Vaccinations with CSL branded ‘Fluvax’

Tuesday 23 April 2013

AMA (WA) President Dr Richard Choong has written to all General Practitioners in WA urging them to be fully aware of the strict guidelines relating to the use of the CSL-produced vaccine Fluvax on children under the age of five, after reports over the weekend claimed that some doctors were still using the vaccine.


“The reports of doctors administering Fluvax to under-fives are extremely concerning and potentially very dangerous, especially since there are at least three other brands of vaccine that are safe for children in that age group,” Dr Choong said.


“The use of Fluvax on under-fives is banned by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.


“My message is clear: to use Fluvax on children under five is dangerous and could undermine public confidence in vaccination generally.


“I urge all doctors to remember the guidelines regarding the use of the CSL- produced Fluvax on young children, and take advantage of vaccines that have been approved by the TGA for this age group.


“What occurred in 2010 to children like Saba Button was tragic and should never have happened in the first place.”


“Another similar accident would have an enormous impact on public confidence.


“However we are very concerned that incidents such as this have undermined the public’s confidence in vaccinations – to the point where the general populous is at risk.


“We ask the public to continue to have faith in Australia’s regulation systems and not to be dissuaded by misinformation surrounding vaccination.


“There has been an alarming drop off in influenza vaccination rates in WA . We must do all we can to ensure that public confidence in vaccination, especially for children, remains high,” Dr Choong said.


The news comes amid warnings that this year’s flu season could be particularly bad due to the imminent arrival of America’s deadly H3N2 virus to our shores.

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