Delay in Children’s Hospital goes from bad to worse

Delay in Children’s Hospital goes from bad to worse

Tuesday 6 October 2015


It is completely unacceptable that patients will have to wait at least a year to be admitted to the new Perth Children’s Hospital, the Australian Medical Association (WA) said today.


“The AMA (WA) was extremely disappointed to hear Health Minister Dr Kim Hames announce that a completed building will not be delivered until early 2016,” AMA (WA) Vice President Dr Andrew Miller said.


“Even if the hospital is completed early next year a full fit out will not be done until winter, meaning sick children will have to be moved at one of the busiest times of the year.


“Compounding this issue is the fact that Princess Margaret Hospital is in dire need of funding and maintenance, and to keep it going for another year without significant investment from the State Government will be next to impossible.


“PMH is being held together by the goodwill of hard working doctors and nurses and now they discover that they will have to continue working there for another year with the bare minimum – this is unacceptable.”


“There are major parts of PMH that are crying out for basic maintenance, but these cries continued to be ignored by those in charge,” he said.


Dr Miller said the latest delay, combined with the failure of the Government to future-proof the new children’s hospital by adding two additional floors, raised important questions about the management of major hospital infrastructure.


“Unfortunately this comes on top of the issues at Fiona Stanley Hospital and it leads us to believe that it’s the people administering the contracts rather than the contracts themselves that are the problem. We really need an explanation of what exactly is going on with hospitals in WA,” Dr Miller said.


“The Metropolitan Health Service report released a fortnight ago highlights the problems our public hospitals are facing – a surge in population figures and an ageing community.


“The State Government acknowledges these problems now, but ignored our continued calls over the years to ensure that the new Children’s Hospital is future-proofed and ready to deal with the growing demand of health services.


“It is time the State Government heeds the advice of those at the coalface, because ultimately its doctors and nurses who have to pick up the pieces when things fall apart,” Dr Miller said.

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