Coalition Policy on health a step in the right direction

Coalition Policy on health a step in the right direction

Thursday 22 August 2013


The Coalition’s policy on health, released earlier today, is a strong step towards improving Australia’s health system, Australian Medical Association (WA) President Dr Richard Choong said today. Dr Choong also called on the ALP to immediately release their plans to allow a proper health debate to take place in the last weeks of the 2013 election campaign.


“The Coalition policy is a major step forward, especially the promises to provide more intern places and additional funding to be directed to GP practice training, including a doubling of the Practice Incentive Payment,” Dr Choong said.


“We also welcome the Coalition undertaking to bring forward full implementation of biennial bowel screening by 14 years to help thousands of Australians,” he said.


Dr Choong particularly welcomed the Coalition undertaking to review the role played by Medicare Locals in order to ensure that funding is being properly spent to support front-line health services.


“Medicare Locals have become huge bureaucracies which do little to support GPs,” he said.


He also called on the Labor Party to come to the health debate.


“Now is the time for the ALP to release their health policy to allow a full and detailed examination of the competitive stances of both major political parties on the key policy issue of health,” Dr Choong said.


To view the Coalition’s Policy to Support Australia’s Health System, please click here.

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