Brutal, barbaric boxing should be banned: AMA (WA)

Brutal, barbaric boxing should be banned: AMA (WA)

Friday 18 July 2014


White collar boxing matches, some of which use charities to provide a cloak of respectability, should be banned, AMA (WA) Vice President Dr Andrew Miller said today.


“Boxing is an archaic display of masculinity that has little-to-place in modern society,” Dr Miller said.


“The only objective in this barbaric sport is to try and injure another person, and in a society where violence has become so prevalent, the last thing we should be doing is actively encouraging and promoting this savagery.


“The evidence that boxing causes long-term damage is irrefutable, as shown by numerous studies around the world,” Dr Miller said.


According to research on the early to late health complications of boxing by Psychiatric expert Professor Hans Förstl, many participants suffer long term serious health issues. These range from tremors and memory disorders to dementia and Parkinson’s disease. The same study made note that boxing is one of the only ‘sports’ where intentionally causing acute traumatic brain injury (i.e a knockout) in an opponent is not only accepted, but encouraged.


“Professional boxers are taught how to take and block punches properly – the same cannot be said about those participating in white collar boxing matches,” Dr Miller said.


“Often these bouts take place between completely inexperienced fighters who have only been training for a few weeks, and it is only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously hurt.


“I urge all those who are interested in taking up this brutal sport to seriously consider the consequences of what might happen,” Dr Miller said.

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