Bone and Tissue Bank deserves State Government support

Bone and Tissue Bank deserves State Government support

Friday 26 February 2016


The State Government should immediately provide financial support for the Perth Bone & Tissue Bank to allow it to find a permanent home and continue to assist hundreds of West Australians, the AMA (WA) has said today.


“The time has come for Pluslife, Western Australia’s only Bone and Tissue Bank, to have a permanent home,” AMA (WA) President Dr Michael Gannon said .


“We realise the Premier has recently pledged that a home will be found for Pluslife when it is forced to move from its current site in coming months.


“However merely finding it a temporary base is not appropriate. Pluslife has provided a vital health service over the years and it should be rewarded for its dedication to health in WA with a permanent home.


Without additional funding, the future of the Bone and Tissue Bank was bleak, he said.


“It’s saddening to see that the Bank forced to publish an open letter to the Premier in The West Australian newspaper due to the lack of guarantees by the State Government,” he said.


“I also understand there has been a difficulty in arranging a meeting with the Premier in order to brief him on this key issue and the need for a permanent home.


“For the sake of a capital grant of around $10 million, Pluslife will be able to have a firm and permanent home and continue its work,” Dr Gannon said.


Dr Gannon said the coming State Budget would be an ideal time to announce a grant to allow Pluslife to continue its great work.


“At a time of general doom and gloom about WA health, this small grant would be a much needed endorsement of the health sector in WA,” he said.


“In the coming year, hundreds of West Australians will depend on the Bone and Tissue Bank for vital assistance.


“With this Government grant, and with the support of the Premier, Pluslife will be able to approach other sources of funds, such as Lotterywest.”


“For the sake of continued confidence in Pluslife and for their good work to continue, the AMA (WA) calls on the State Government to provide an assurance that the money will be made available in the coming Budget. This is a critical service and it must have a permanent home,” Dr Gannon said.

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