Ties strengthened between AMA (WA) and Hu Zhou, China

Ties strengthened between AMA (WA) and Hu Zhou, China

Tuesday 11 September 2018


Following on from the AMA’s participation in a trade delegation to China last year, General Manager for Education and Training, Jan Norberger, returned to China earlier this year to sign an amicable cooperation agreement with the Hu Zhou People’s Third Municipal Hospital, one of Hu Zhou’s largest tertiary hospitals.


Mr Qian Mincai, the hospital’s president, signed on behalf of the hospital.


Both trade delegations were organised by the City of Joondalup and facilitated by AusGlobal Exchange. Significant support was also received from the Hu Zhou Municipal Government Foreign Affairs Office and the Hu Zhou Health and Family Planning Department.


Hu Zhou is a beautiful city of approximately 4 million people, situated on the shores of Lake Tai, three hours’ drive from Shanghai.


The amicable cooperation agreement will seek to facilitate a closer working relationship between the AMA (WA) and the hospital through training opportunities in the areas of geriatric health, health management and mental health, as well as exploring opportunities for other academic and medical exchanges.


Gifts were exchanged as part of the signing ceremony with the AMA receiving a wonderful set of calligraphy brushes, for which Hu Zhou is renowned.


AMA (WA) will once again be travelling to Hu Zhou People’s Third Municipal Hospital as part of the upcoming Delegation to China, being held Tuesday 6 – Monday 12 November 2018. If you are a health professional with an interest in being part of the Delegation, contact AMA (WA) via email or visit the AMA (WA) website to view the itinerary and cost.

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