New beginnings

New beginnings

Monday 11 March 2019


The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Fremantle Campus came alive with celebration and cheer as 108 medical students crossed the threshold to their future at the University’s graduation ceremony in early December 2018.


In the relaxed outdoor atmosphere of the Fremantle campus, Notre Dame Chancellor and former WA Senator and Minister, the Hon. Chris Ellison set the graduates on their careers with all the best wishes of everyone.


“May your time at Notre Dame University impart to each of you a passion for truth, a love for justice and a divine discontent for injustice in all its forms,” Mr Ellison said.


“We say farewell to our graduands today but that will not be the end of our association with you by any means,” he added.


“We will follow your success through your life’s work. We do not want you to be a stranger. Please keep in touch with us through the future.”


The Chancellor then turned his attention to the likely celebrations that would almost certainly occur later in the day as family and friends ensured the day was a memorable one.


“It is time to celebrate. It is a time for congratulations to each and every one of you.”


Before the celebrations kicked in, though, Dr Katherine Caudle, recipient of the AMA (WA) Gold Medal Prize, took to the lectern to give the Valedictorian speech.


“I struggle to put into words the experience that Notre Dame has provided me over the last four years and the immense support that I have received from my family and friends,” she said.


“Notre Dame has been a fantastic institution in which to study and make our goals a reality. “The core curriculum of theology, philosophy and ethics allows us to think beyond our chosen fields and better understand the challenges that face today’s society.”


Dr Caudle encouraged her peers, who she described as “one big Notre Dame family” to “never lose sight of how you plan to change the world”.

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