Beware of anti-fluoride message: AMA (WA)

Beware of anti-fluoride message: AMA (WA)

Thursday 20 February 2014


West Australians should not fall for the misinformation being peddled by anti-fluoride groups in Western Australia, AMA (WA) Vice President Dr Michael Gannon said today.


The warning comes after it was announced that an anti-fluoride speaker was visiting Perth and was attempting to gain media and public interest.


“These groups should not call themselves anti-flouride. They are really anti-health,” Dr Gannon said.


“We have noticed over the last few years the rise of small but extremely vocal anti-fluoride group in Western Australia, Dr Gannon said.


“They are using similar tactics that anti-vaccination lobbyists use, namely inciting fear and referencing discredited studies showing the supposed ‘dangers’ of water fluoridation.


“These people love conspiracy theories and they love misquoting research data.”


“It is regrettable that a number of State MPs were willing to meet with members of these peddlers of misinformation, and listen to their anti-health rhetoric.


“Fluoridation has been repeatedly shown to be one of the most practical methods of reducing cavities in children, Dr Gannon said.


“There is clear scientific evidence that fluoridated water is the most effective method of bridging the gap in oral health between different social classes.


“Prior to the introduction of fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash, fluoridated water reduced the number of cavities in children by up to 60 per cent.


“It is completely safe, cost-effective and efficient. The fact that scientific data proving this is being ignored in favour of misinformation is disheartening.


“The last thing we want to see is this misinformation gaining traction here in WA,” Dr Gannon said.

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