Why join the AMA

THE AMA – A One-Stop-Shop for Professional and Industrial Services

Membership of the AMA gives you access to a comprehensive range of professional and industrial services including:

  • Political advocacy
  • Award negotiation
  • Local industrial representation
  • Individual professional advice and assistance
  • Member-only seminars, workshops and events
  • Member-only communications, some specifically written for junior doctors
  • Social and networking events
  • Commercial benefits


The AMA dedicates extensive resources to represent members nationwide and is committed to the highest standards in patient care, practice management and professionalism.


The AMA advocates on your behalf in relation to the many threats and challenges that affect your practice of medicine and the welfare of your patients.


The AMA’s proud history of negotiating significant increases to salary rates and allowances has benefited salaried practitioners over many years.


Rosters, payslips, overtime, leave entitlements – your rights and obligations in relation to all these things can be confusing and difficult. Members of the AMA have immediate access to experts who have spent many years providing specialist advice and assistance to doctors about these issues.


For private practitioners, the AMA provides personalised advice and employment contract templates for practices to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act.


Individual members can also access:


  • AMA assistance in relation to resolving disputes with their employees
  • AMA representation if your practice has been the subject of unfair dismissal claims.



The AMA provides a conciliation service on behalf of individual members who are the subject of patient or colleague complaints.


Our staff offer members assistance and advice on:

  • Attendance at court as a witness
  • Chaperone guidelines
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Handling difficult patients


We also offer support, advice and representation on:


  • Medical Board and registration issues
  • College training and program issues
  • Discrimination and bullying matters



The AMA (WA)’s events, seminars and workshops focus on topics of interest and relevance to medical practitioners and practice managers.


View the current Events Calendar.


As part of your AMA membership, you receive a range of journals and publications containing up to date clinical research, analysis and review, practice updates and thought provoking editorials.


AMA members receive

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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"I joined the AMA for all the advocacy work that is done. It is great to be part of an organisation that supports and assists doctors in training in many aspects of their work."
Dr Sarah Strathie Page
Dr Sarah Strathie Page
Caring for the dying is our greatest challenge
Dr Omar Khorshid
Wednesday, 6th December 2017

With the passing of euthanasia and physician assisted dying legislation by the Victorian Parliament earlier this week, the issue is now sure to travel West. In fact, this subject is likely to dominate public and medical debate next year. Already …