AMA (WA) staffer announced as finalist in WA Young Australian of Year Awards

AMA (WA) staffer announced as finalist in WA Young Australian of Year Awards

Monday 20 October 2014


The AMA (WA) is delighted to announce that staff member Jessica Smith is a finalist in the prestigious 2015 Western Australia’s Young Australian of the Year Awards.


Jessica is an event coordinator for the AMA (WA) run Dr YES program, a school based initiative which aims to promote health issues among young students.


Born without her left forearm, then suffering third-degree burns to 14 per cent of her body as a toddler, life has dealt Jessica Smith some extremely difficult early blows.


Growing up in a world that values physical perfection compounded Jessica’s self-esteem issues and she suffered serious anorexia, bulimia and depression as a teen.


However, Jessica has bravely worked hard at rebuilding her self-esteem, and is now a motivational speaker, mentor and vocal champion for positive body image.


In 2013, Jessica launched Join the Revolution – a social media campaign which encourages people to talk positively about their bodies and which has gained attention and celebrity endorsement in Australia and internationally.


An Ambassador for the Butterfly Foundation and world champion surfer Layne Beachley’s Aim For The Stars Foundation, Jessica has overcome her demons to bravely share her darkest moments with others and hopes to inspire future generations to believe in themselves and their abilities beyond the surface.


The AMA (WA) congratulates Jessica for her incredible achievements, and is immensely proud to have her on its workforce.


We wish Jessica well in the coming selection process as Young West Australian of the Year.

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