AMA (WA) elects a new President

AMA (WA) elects a new President

Thursday 8 June 2017


The Australian Medical Association (WA) last night elected an orthopaedic surgeon as its newest President.


Dr Omar Khorshid, one of the youngest Presidents in the AMA (WA)’s history at the age of 42, was elected unopposed at the Annual General Meeting held in Nedlands.


Educated at the University of WA, Dr Khorshid has been an outspoken and prominent voice in the AMA (WA) for many years after joining the Association as an intern.


Dr Khorshid said it was a huge honour to be elected AMA (WA) President and thanked outgoing President Dr Andrew Miller for his term in office.


“Dr Miller represented the AMA in WA extremely well over the last year and like everyone, I believe it is an enormous shame that, due to family illness, he was not able to stand for a second term.


“However the changes he began, the relationships he developed and the impact he had on health will be long-lasting,” Dr Khorshid said.


“The AMA has a great history of representing not just the medical profession but health itself. As AMA (WA) President, I believe it is my role to represent everyone who has contact with medicine in WA,” Dr Khorshid said.


Dr Khorshid said he was looking forward to working with the new State Government to ensure WA health continued to receive appropriate funding in the coming WA Budget.


Dr Khorshid said he intends to focus on a range of issues while President, including public health, obesity services and surgery, along with planning for future health services.


“If it is necessary to go to the trenches and fight to protect proper funding and staffing for health services, then I am more than willing to take a leadership position in that fight,” Dr Khorshid said.


“It is vital that governments at all levels realise that health is the area of administration that touches the lives and the families of all people,” he said.

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