AMA (WA) congratulates winners at WA Media Awards

AMA (WA) congratulates winners at WA Media Awards

Monday 28 October 2013


The Australian Medical Association (WA) today congratulated Cathy O’Leary, Health Editor with The West Australian newspaper, for being recognised at the WA Media Awards at the weekend for excellence in health reporting.


Cathy received the prize for Best Health/Medical Report at the prestigious ceremony organised by the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.


The AMA (WA) is proud to be a long-term sponsor of the Award and congratulated the independent selection committee for its choice of winner.


Ms O’Leary won the award on the basis of three substantial front page articles that had a major impact on health and politics in WA over the past year.


The series of award-winning reports began at an AMA (WA) members function (pictured above) addressed by Health Minister Dr Kim Hames.


“This award demonstrates once again that Cathy O’Leary often sets the agenda for health in WA. Single-handedly Cathy has changed the direction of health over many years and it is appropriate that her work this year on paediatric oncology and capacity issues be recognised in this way,” AMA (WA) Dr Richard Choong said.


“Cathy is not only a great journalist but is an independent thinker who never fails to see the importance of health in our modern society.


“Always keen to ensure that her stories are as accurate and as detailed as possible, health in WA would be poorer without Cathy’s involvement,” he said.


Dr Choong also congratulated the two other finalists for the prestigious award – Katie Robertson from The Sunday Times and Tracy Moran from Channel 7.


“News outlets in WA are to be commended for taking such a strong recognition of the importance of health in today’s modern society. We face many health challenges in the near future and the AMA (WA) looks forward to working with all media outlets to both explain these changes and to urge governments at all levels to make the right decision in these areas,” Dr Choong said.

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