ALP Mental Health Pledge Commended by AMA (WA)

ALP Mental Health Pledge Commended by AMA (WA)

Friday 22 March 2013


The Australian Medical Association (WA) has commended today’s announcement by the ALP of a boost in funding for state mental health services.


“As AMA (WA) President I wholeheartedly welcome the provision of additional funding for mental health in WA,” Dr Richard Choong said.


“Mental health in our state is in crisis and there appears to be little political will to fix the problem.”


“Today’s announcement by the ALP is a good start and will boost services in the fast growing and underserviced northern corridor of Perth.”


“Joondalup Hospital is treating a significantly and rising number of mental health patients and this package, including the investment of $95 million to build a 100-bed mental health facility at the Joondalup Health Campus will provide a welcome boost to services in the area,” Dr Choong said.


The AMA also called on both major political parties to release their completed health policies by the end of this week.


“It is amazing that we are little more than a week away from the 2013 State Election and we do not yet have a complete health policy from either political party,” Dr Choong said.


For further comment or to contact Dr Choong, please call Robert Reid: 0422 553 877

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