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image October 2019
Drawing Connections
image September 2019
VAD Bill Examined
image August 2019
VAD Bill 2019
image July 2019
Health Heroes Saluted
image June 2019
Tall Order: The true value of reports & reviews
image May 2019
Hospital Health Check 2019 – The results are in!
image April 2019
En route to specialisation: The opportunities and the hidden costs for doctors in training
image March 2019
Health Infrastructure in WA: Hanging by a thread
image February 2019
Making her move
image December 2018
A look back at 2018
image November 2018
Social Media changing the face of health
image October 2018
Is the doctor coming? GPs are turning away from aged care
image September 2018
Imperfect Instrument | Health Services Act (WA)
image August 2018
Is your workplace family friendly?
image July 2018
Embracing the present
image June 2018
New Kid on the block
image May 2018
End-of-Life Choices Symposium: AMA (WA) takes the lead
image April 2018
Obesity: Is WA losing the fight?
image March 2018
Medicus March 2018
image February 2018
Rural Practice: Mission Impossible?
image December 2017
My Christmas Wish
image November 2017
Drowning in Alcohol
image October 2017
Money over Morale: The AMA (WA) 2017 Clinical Survey
image September 2017
Why doctors are best to deliver vaccinations
image August 2017
Commitment to Community – AMA (WA) Awards Night
image July 2017
PMH: Rebuilding begins
image June 2017
Dr Omar Khorshid: AMA (WA) President
image May 2017
The thaw begins: Medicare Rebate freeze lifted
image April 2017
Somethings COOKing! Dr Miller interviews the new Health Minister
image March 2017
Switched On: WA embraces medical research
image February 2017
Election 2017: Intrigue. Deception. Promises
image December 2016
A look back at 2016
image November 2016
Work-Life Balance: Getting it right!
image October 2016
On borrowed time: The critical effects of concussion
image September 2016
GP After Hours Care: Corporate Rorting Medicare
image August 2016
End of Life Care: Can we do better?
image July 2016
Achievers Saluted at AMA (WA) Awards Night
image June 2016
Dr Andrew Miller: AMA (WA) President
image May 2016
Pharmacy Immunisation: Just a cash injection?
image April 2016
Shattering the silence: AMA (WA) survey reveals sexual harassment crisis
image March 2016
Will new reforms save WA’s Mental Health system?
image February 2016
Managed care by stealth: Are private health funds removing choice from consumers?
image December 2015
Job cuts, bed state black, morale at all-time low: WA Health in 2015
image November 2015
Dementia: Fighting the 21st Century’s biggest battle
image October 2015
Bedevilled: Changing definition creates confusion when talking bed numbers
image September 2015
A Way Forward for General Practice
image August 2015
Salute to Service
image July 2015
Under Siege: WA in the grip of an ice epidemic
image June 2015
A Medical Degree with a different kind of future
image May 2015
Why not a Generalist?
image April 2015
Heart of the Matter
image March 2015
When chronic pain strikes!
image February 2015
Does Australia’s Healthcare system need a miracle?
image December 2014
2014: A look back at the year in health
image November 2014
Physician, heal thyself
image October 2014
WA Medical Training System Under Strain
image September 2014
Suicide Crisis: WA’s Mental Health System failing to save precious lives
image August 2014
Immunisation in WA: Failing to reach the target
image July 2014
Change agents honoured
image June 2014
In safe hands: Dr Michael Gannon AMA (WA) President
image May 2014
Sleep on it: Disorders, research, medicine.
image April 2014
Code crisis: WA’s emergency healthcare
image March 2014
Sexual Health: The complete wrap
image February 2014
Can ethics in medicine stand the test of time?
image December 2013
WA Medical Research Flatlines
image November 2013
Mental Health Crisis: WA’s burden, WA’s shame
image October 2013
New Children’s Hospital needs extra floors, but who’s listening?
image September 2013
We were the young country: What does the future hold for Australia’s aged?
image August 2013
Double Dose: Doctors honoured at AMA Awards
image July 2013
Health: An uncertain road ahead
image June 2013
General Practice: Changes, Challenges, Concerns
image May 2013
Influenza is Coming – Vaccinate!
image April 2013
Childhood Obesity: Weighing down a generation
image March 2013
Screaming for Help
image February 2013
Our Coverage of the State Election Continues
image December 2012
Pledge to make Health no. 1
image November 2012
How Healthy is Rural Health
image October 2012
Suicide Breaking the Silence
image September 2012
Training Crisis
image August 2012
The Death of Smoking
image July 2012
Vision, Action, Service
image June 2012
Richard Choong
image May 2012
Are you ready for the Auditor
image April 2012
The Data on Doctors
image March 2012
Ross River Virus
image February 2012
No Voice. No Choice.
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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"It is my hope that we can tackle the challenges our profession faces, united as one. If we dislike our working hours, our pay, gender inequality or low training opportunities, we can change these together. As a nurse in my previous life, I know that when a profession stands as one, people listen."
Dr Rebecca Cogan
Dr Rebecca Cogan
GPs need to recognise the complexity of being Aboriginal in a modern Australia
Dr Ryan Atkinson
Monday, 11th November 2019

For a GP to better encourage connection to culture in Indigenous people, they need to have an understanding of the complexities of being an Aboriginal person in modern Australia.   Culture is so important in establishing one’s identity. A clear …