This is about YOU, senior doctors!

The Public Hospital Senior Doctors’ Morale + Engagement Survey (M+E Survey) is a biennial survey distributed to senior public hospital doctors. As workplace morale and clinical engagement is central to a functioning health system, this survey seeks feedback on the scope and frequency of engagement with clinicians undertaken by hospital administrations, cultural issues at the workplace, as well as overall wellbeing and morale of WA’s senior public hospital doctors.

In 2019, the Public Hospital Senior Doctors’ Morale + Engagement Survey found:

  • Only 21% of respondents rated workplace morale as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’.
  • The employment contract renewal process had a “Negative” or “Strong Negative” impact on culture and morale for 58% of respondents.
  • 31% of respondents were seriously considering leaving the public sector.

We are urging all Public Hospital Senior Doctors to participate in the 2021 M+E survey.  If you have not received a copy of the survey, please fill out the form below and you will receive a personalised survey link. All responses are confidential, and only de-identified, collated results will be shared with stakeholders

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