2018 Constitution

Australian Medical Association (WA) Incorporated AGM – 4 July 2018


Motion 1


Motion 1 at the upcoming AMA (WA) Incorporated AGM, to be held on 4 July 2018, will ask members to vote in favour of adopting the entire proposed Constitution. 

There will not be the option to vote in favour of some changes and decline to others. As such, you have been provided with three documents:


• The proposed Constitution of the Australian Medical Association (WA) Incorporated.

This is the document that you are being asked to adopt as the new Constitution of the AMA (WA)


• A document showing all changes between the present AMA (WA) Constitution and the proposed Constitution that you are being asked to adopt.

This has been prepared to assist demonstrate the changes being proposed.


• A summary of changes to the Constitution.


• You can also use a proxy vote to vote in favour of the new Constitution.


A proxy vote, giving your vote to the AMA (WA) President, Dr Omar Khorshid.


Who can be contacted for more information?


The Executive Director, Paul Boyatzis on 9273 3007 and the Policy & Research Lead, David Copland on 9273 3032, are available to discuss with any member.


If you are having trouble accessing these documents, please contact David Copland on 9273 3032 who can email you a copy of the documents.

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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"It is my hope that we can tackle the challenges our profession faces, united as one. If we dislike our working hours, our pay, gender inequality or low training opportunities, we can change these together. As a nurse in my previous life, I know that when a profession stands as one, people listen."
Dr Rebecca Cogan
Dr Rebecca Cogan
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