Indigenous Initiatives

Indigenous Initiatives

AMA (WA) has been supporting Indigenous Australians to achieve sustainable health and employment outcomes and help close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage through the operation of various programs for over 20 years.


Through training and employment initiatives, the AMA (WA) supports Indigenous people to obtain and retain sustainable employment.


In working with many organisations involved in traineeships and apprenticeships, the AMA (WA) provides a range of assistance and guidance to employers and employees.


Through Health Training Australia, AMA (WA) sponsored group training organization, consultants assist Indigenous people seeking to work in the Aged Care sector as well as providing mentoring, support and assistance in completing a traineeship in Certificate III or IV in Aged Care.


The Dr YES youth program operates throughout the State. The Dr YES medical students deliver health promotion and harm minimisation messages to high school students, that assists in improving the wellbeing of young people. Annually the program reaches many schools with a high Indigenous population.



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Why I Joined the AMA (WA)...
"I joined the AMA for all the advocacy work that is done. It is great to be part of an organisation that supports and assists doctors in training in many aspects of their work."
Dr Sarah Strathie Page
Dr Sarah Strathie Page
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